This online casino pays you a bonus of up to 3x $300!

Until I found a bonus casino website almost a year ago I had been giving money to the lotto service... Too bad that you only get 53% out of your bets. Since then I play regularly in a couple of online casinos with approx. 98% winning pay-off average! I don't just get a bonus for signing up but also a free monthly bonus!

Here I present you my favorites Intercasino (US)                        diese Seite auf Deutsch deutsche Seite

- checked Online Casino provider with valid license
- Software completely in english, currency in Dollar
- 24/7 support via e-mail, phone
- 4x in a row voted for best online casino of the year

Here you'll find more than 600 different games in single- and multiplayer mode.The game's bets are set up properly so that everybody is able to place bets. You can even play with 1 CENT per line at the slot machines - of course you can maximize that up to $10 per line. The winnings differ in relation to the bets.

Personal recommendation: InterCasino (US)

After the sign up you'll get a bonus up to 3x $300 for the first 3 deposits, the amount is up to you, go as high as you want the bonus to be. Of course you can only deposit $25 and get $25 bonus for that. A step-by-step manual about downloading, installing and signing up you can find on the homepage.
You'll get the bonus immediately after the deposit!

No matter what you decide you can have a lot of fun with a $100 capital! What I like the best is the huge selection of different with 1 - 50 wining lines, with or without jackpot! The casino offers competitions every month for different games, in which you can aim extra winnings. On the left you can see some screenshots out of the casino software! Just test the online casino in the training mode without any deposit.